Fine Print

It’s far easier to get anything done (in our case, a מעשה לקרב רחוקים ) if one is provided with a clearly defined action, such as giving a card. Additionally, doing it leads a person to think in terms of Kiruv, be attuned to it, and make it a habit.

We always hear from our רבנים, how crucial it is to invest time and effort into courtesy. When we let another person go first, we make a wonderful impression. When we smile, we change the entire world. This project goes along with this concept very well, because you can’t knock someone down, and offer him a card. Also, if someone is promoting the תורה perspective, he will automatically pay attention to the impression he is making on others, and will see to it that his words and actions mirror that which he seeks to promote.

The greater our own appreciation of Yiddishkeit is, the easier it will be to convey it to others. The reverse is also true; inspiring others strengthens one’s own Yiddishkeit. It is our fervent wish that the Frum community should inspire those who are not yet Frum whom they deal with, at the same time impressing the importance of what they are promoting upon themselves, driving them to improve themselves, and even further improve others…

Besides those whose names appear, this project has found favor in the eyes of many of our most prominent אדמו”רים דיינים רבנים ומשגיחים שליט”א. Some didn’t have a chance to sign their name, some generally avoid signing anything, and some were not comfortable signing, because it might be taken as lending legitimacy to the internet, which, we know, to our deep sorrow, has firmly established itself as the ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction. Using the internet is like entering a nuclear facility, which of course, is best to avoid. If one must be in a nuclear facility, he understands well the need for ongoing professional guidance about avoiding the dangers therein. (Even though their effect may not be readily noticeable.)

Also, I wanted to provide a written statement about the safety of this project: “The internet is not new and people are constantly bombarded with websites to visit, and have developed a (hopefully Torah-true) path in dealing with it. Therefore, it’s unlikely that a card with a few websites on it will change anyone’s approach to the internet.”

After everything, we Daven that ד’ shouldn’t wait for our efforts to bear fruit, but bring the גאולה immediately דעה הארץ ומלאה.